CES 2016
An attendee passes a sign for the opening event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Reuters/Rick Wilking

In October 2015, Linus Tech Tips, a YouTube channel introduced a single PC that was powerful enough to run two high-end games with at the same time. The PC fan has now built a massive US$30,000 (approx. AU$42,531) machine that is capable of running seven games.

The seven-screen system is far from what people can usually expect from high-end computers. Each computer here is connected to a 34-inch curved-screen monitor. PC Gamer reported that the machine is capable of playing “Crysis 3” at 60 to 110 fps while running Unigine Heaven engine on the other six thus putting the machine under heavy stress to show its power.

Building a powerful PC that is capable of running seven games at once needs strong hardware support. Linus equipped his giant PC with Asus Z10PE-D8 WS motherboard worth US$564 (approx. AU$800).

Linus used dual CPUs--two Xeon E5-2697 hyperthreaded 14-core processors worth US$5312 (approx. AU$7528) that could provide the equivalent of a quad-core CPU for each setup. There was also 256GB of DDR4 RAM that includes eight sticks of 32GB, roughly US$2454 (approx. AU$3478). Linus used eight 1TB SSDs nearly US$3267 (approx. AU$4630).

The new seven-screen gaming PC boasts seven Radeon R9 Nanos, US$4,543 (approx. AU$6,438)--chosen to provide 1440p resolution on the seven monitors US$10,003 (approx. AU$14,174). The system of seven gaming PCs together gets its power from an EVGA T2 1600W US$429 (approx. AU$608).

The complete setup fits in a CaseLabs Mercury S8 cabinet worth US$400 (approx. AU$567). The same case is used to accommodate both the water cooling setup and E-ATX mobo. All the product prices mentioned are reported by Destructoid.

What’s more interesting than building a powerful computer is the fact that Linus managed to bring all the peripherals and components working together. Kingston, a technology company that sponsored the PC by providing memory and SSDs, is showing off the device at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Of course, the PC is not practically cheap but it is an incredible piece of technical work.

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