Maisie Williams
British actress Maisie Williams poses for photographers at the Evening Standard British Film Awards in London, Britain February 7, 2016. Reuters/Neil Hall

“Game of Thrones” season 7 is very close to wrapping filming. Cast member Maisie Williams teased in an interview that they are now heading towards the climax and said that there will be a “huge cliffhanger” again this year. In another interview, she said that the leak of the plot “hurts.”

Filming usually wraps for the show by this time every year. However, the production continues this time around, as the team decided to delay the start of the production to wait for winter.

However, Williams (Arya Stark) said in an interview with Time Out that they are now “tumbling” towards the end. It isn’t clear if she meant the filming or the show as a whole. She said that they have “come to the climax” and are “rolling down to the end.”

The actress said that it was “exciting” at the moment because the last season set up the end, with all the major characters placed at crucial “junction” of their lives. This year, all the characters will “crash down together” and head towards the end.

Williams teased that “Game of Thrones” season 7 will end with a “huge cliffhanger.” She did not elaborate on what that was, but the fans who have been following the leaks from the show will know what’s coming.

Speaking about the leak with Radio Times, Williams said that it “really, really upsets” her. The actress said that it “hurts” and pointed out that they wanted to tell the story. She appears to take consolation with the fact that only a section of the audience is interested in reading the spoilers.

What Williams finds “even more annoying” is that the leaks could be originating from “someone on the inside.” She hoped that the insider stops “ruining it.” She said that revealing spoilers is a “childish, annoying thing to do.”

Williams has been a part of the show since the pilot episode. The actress revealed that there is talk of a tattoo for all cast members who have been a part of the show from the beginning and who will make it until the last season. The actress said that she would get that tattoo if she makes it to season 8 because not doing so would be “rude.”

“Game of Thrones” season 7 is set to premiere sometime this year. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date. The show can be watched on Foxtel in Australia.