Game of Thrones Stars Nominated for the 2014 Emmy Awards
Cast member Peter Dinklage arrives for the season four premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York in this file photo from March 18, 2014. HBO's medieval thriller led all nominees with 19 as the 2014 Emmy nominations were announced July 10, 2014. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Files Reuters

Season 5 of "Game of Thrones" is still a few months away and the waiting game is getting fans even more excited. While new material is getting ready to be aired, fans of HBO's hit fantasy drama can catch a rare opportunity to watch episodes of the series on the big screen. IMAX cinemas in selected locations around the United States are getting ready to air selected episodes in the coming month.

According to E News, the last two episodes of Season 4 of "Game of Thrones" have been remastered and turned into a movie fit for the IMAX screen. The screenings are set to run from Jan 23-29 in over 150 IMAX theatres in the United States.

The featured episodes are titled "Watchers on The Wall" and "The Children." The combined episodes amount to a full-length feature that is composed of many of the previous season's most memorable scenes.

One of the events that is included in the episodes is Jon Snow's return to The Wall and the epic battle against Mance Rayder and his wildling army. The battle raged from both sides of The Wall and the scenes included the appearances of mammoths, giants and other creatures. The vastness of The Wall will also be appreciated for the first time on a gigantic IMAX screen. The death of Jon Snow's love interest, the wildling woman Ygritte, is also one of the more notable incidents last season.

Meanwhile, over at King's landing, the battle for the Iron Throne ensues and the Lannister family continues to hold on to the throne by any means possible, even if it means they have to turn against each other. Tyrion is sentenced to death after a tense and emotionally charged battle between Prince Oberyn of Dorne and Gregor Clegane or "The Mountain," the man whom he believes killed and raped his sister and her children. Before Tyrion faces his sentence, he manages to escape and takes his revenge against his father Tywin with the inadvertent help of his brother Jaime.

Beyond The Wall, Brandon Stark has finally finds the three-eyed raven, which he had been seeing in his dreams. He also meets a mystical breed of creatures called "The Children" who have yet to reveal their role in the large scheme of things in the mysterious realm of Westeros and the Free Cities.

The upcoming season of "Game of Thrones" is expected to start airing in April 2015. More scenes from Dorne are expected to be seen as well as a series of flashbacks taking up the back story of several key characters. A special trailer for Season 5 is expected to air during the theatre screenings. Tickets to the special IMAX screenings are available online through the IMAX website.

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