ABC’s medieval musical comedy show “Galavant” will be returning with Season 2 on Jan 3, 2016. The new season promises to deliver more laughs, songs and continue the zany fun.

The Season 2 premiere episode is titled "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear.” According to the official synopsis of the Episode 1 of ABC's "Galavant" Season 2, Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and the crew get shipwrecked because of bad advice. They will have to travel by foot in order to get back to Richard‘s (Timothy Omundso) kingdom.

Afterwards, Galavant and King Richard are forced to work at The Enchanted Forest Pub in West Hollow-wood by the pub owner, "who sees Galavant in a different light."

Flsewhere, Madalena (Timothy Omundson) continues to rule as Queen of Valencia, while Isabella (Karen David) is imprisoned in her jewel box by her 12-year-old cousin as her parents prepare for their wedding. Speaking about Gareth (Vinnie Jones), who is made King by the Queen, demands his due when he is announced King, with Sid (Luke Youngblood) as his assistant, the synopsis of "Galavant" Season 2 Episode 1 reveals.

Meanwhile, "Galavant" Season 2 sneak peek shows King Richard begging his new BFF Galavant for an encore of the show’s titular theme song, when Peter the Pillager ( Hugh Bonneville) hilariously cuts him off and says it is time for a new one.

The series is known for its musical numbers and comic screenplay. Season 2 teasers of "Galavant" suggest that the titular song of the series will be changed in the new season, according to Deadline.

The freshman season consisted of eight episodes, with two episodes airing every week. The sophomore season will run for five weeks as it consists of ten episodes.

"Galavant" Season 1 finale, “It’s All in the Executions,” saw Galavant and Richard bond over drinks and decide to kill Kingsley (Rutger Hauer,) who usurped Richard in his sleep.

The duo are however caught and thrown into a dungeon. Gareth helps the two flee with the pirates. Galavant promises to take care of Richard, and in return, Gareth helps Galavant’s friends escape.

When Kingsley finds out about it, he wants to punish Gareth, but he is stabbed by Madalena, so she and Gareth end up on the thrones. The episode also saw Isabella and Galavant kiss each other.

“Galavant” Season 2 premieres Monday, Jan. 3 on ABC in the U.S.

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