Friday the 13th: The Game
Concept Art for Savini's Jason. Minor edits were made between this piece and final 3D model. Friday the 13th: The Game/Facebook

“Friday the 13th: The Game” is coming to Steam, PS4 and Xbox One as a digital download on May 26. Fans are simply getting impatient and just can’t wait to lay their hands on the game. Developer Illfonic and Gun Media have not left any stone unturned in preparing this massive treat for their fans.

The creators of the game have brought onboard Kane Hodder for doing the mo-cap for Jason, Harry Manfredini for composing the score and Tom Savini for designing the kills. Even Pamela Voorhees is in the game. Co-creator Wes Keltner is all praise for actress Jen Burton, and has raved about her performance. He recalled a meeting with her where she simply said about four words, and that was enough to give Keltner the chills. Burton has played the iconic Pamela’s voice for a series of collectible tapes, found scattered around Packanack Lodge, Higgins Haven and Camp Crystal Lake.

If fans too want to get the chills right away, they can watch the Pamela Tapes video shared below. The video showcases Burton reciting Pamela’s dialogues that have been penned by Tom McLoughlin, writer/director of “Jason Lives.” Meanwhile, BloodyDisgusting has revealed that it is possible to check out stat screens for every playable Jason in the game. Kane Hodder has performed the motion capture for every Jason Voorhees version. Players will be able to pick the version they want to play.

The choices the players have are Part 2, Part 3, “Jason Lives,” “The New Blood,” “Jason Takes Manhattan,” “Jason Goes to Hell” and also a brand iteration of Jason. All have been designed by Tom Savini. Hodder has played all of them for the game. The initial game release will be followed by the single-player component in the near future. After reading raging reviews, rumours and leaks, fans now want to know if this game is the most-brutal game ever made. The game is surely the gorehound’s delight.

The game has extreme scenes of slaughter, gore and torture. Don’t be surprised by Voorhees slaughtering teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake. Don’t be surprised by eyeballs popping out, spikes piercing faces, heads put forcefully in fire and brains getting pulled out of nostrils. It’s definitely not for the meek-hearted. While, players can play as Jason, the can also choose to be one of the eight counsellors, hoping to avoid Jason’s machete. Watch “Friday the 13th: The Game” - The Pamela Tapes Vol. 1 and 2 here.

Source: YouTube/Gun Media