After attending back to back parties, Australian model Miranda Kerr has decided to go on a weekend getaway with her son at the Santa Monica Pier. The mother-of-one shared a series of photos and video from her Friday break on Instagram.

In an Instagram video, Kerr is seen riding a bumper car alongside her son Flynn, who seems to enjoy his ride. “Who said bumper cars are just for kids?! ☺️__” she captioned. Her post immediately gained 140 thousand likes and various comments from her fans. One of the fans commented, “Haha, cool__ The child insight is still there I see_ Well done @mirandakerr __,” while another said, “Obviously Flynn is better than u in this _ that might the reason why it's for kids.”

In addition to the video, the model uploaded a photo of herself with her son and another kid playing Dance Extreme on Instagram. “Dance dance dance!” she wrote. She also posted a photo of her and a girl smiling at the camera while on a ferris wheel.

Despite her busy work as a model, a designer and an entrepreneur, Kerr gives quality time to her son Flynn and is known for regularly sharing her photos with him on her social media accounts.

The 32-year-old model revealed on Instagram last week that her everyday activities include making mask with her son Flynn. “Arts & Crafts masks _ ❤️Miranda xxx #adaywithMK,” she captioned the photo.

Some weeks back, the model said, “Being a mother is the most precious gift” in an Instagram post. In the photo, Kerr is seen holding Flynn’s hands while laughing, which she tagged with hashtags “mommylife” and “skyscape.”

Kerr was previously married to actor Orlando Bloom, whom she divorced nine months ago. Kerr and Bloom are parents to 4-year-old son Flynn.

Hello Magazine reported in August that Kerr decided to settle down in Los Angeles near Bloom’s residence in order to effectively co-parent their son. Kerr said she and Bloom think that “it was the right decision for Flynn.” The model revealed that her son stays with Bloom whenever she’s at work and vice versa.

“Everything revolves around my son and his welfare,” the model said.

Kerr is currently dating Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, with whom she spent Halloween, dressed as Marilyn Monroe. Kerr and Spiegel were first linked together earlier this year and have been seen displaying PDA several times.

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