Former Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry and boyfriend Joel Walkenhorst have ended their five-year relationship. The 53-year-old Curry and her much younger 33-year-old boyfriend were reportedly arguing a lot. A source close to Walkenhorst revealed the news and added that Curry “was snapping a lot” at Walkenhorst as she has a “bit of a temper” and that ultimately ended the relationship.

“He worshipped the ground Lisa walked on, and the 20-year age gap honestly didn’t matter to him. But he was worn down after one too many blow ups,” said the source, reports

According to The Daily Telegraph, the two, when speaking to New Idea in 2013, opened up on the short-tempered nature of Curry after they returned from a two-year road trip, visiting 100 towns in Australia. They embarked on the trip for a project, called “One Life, One Chance Aussie Road Trip,” as part of their health and fitness awareness initiative.

“We had so many arguments over nothing, I lost count,” Walkenhorst had said.

The couple admitted that during the road trip, they did crave for some personal space which was unfortunately not available.

“It’s cosy and comfortable in the motorhome — but being together 24/7 can be hard. You want to get away to another room but there isn’t one. It’s lucky I don’t have a licence to drive a motorhome because I may have taken off and left him behind,” Curry had said.

The Daily Telegraph also reports that in March this year, Curry also pointed out that she is a morning person while Walkenhorst isn’t and that their vastly different opinions at times result in heated discussions and sometimes interesting ones.

Earlier in June last year, Curry had also explained why her marriage to her ex-husband and former Ironman Grant Kenny didn’t work out. Curry had said that she had “The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” which basically means being in constant rush and the emotional and biochemical effects the problem had on her health and relationship. The syndrome had “created a lot of tension” in her marriage which ultimately resulted in a divorce.

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