Stephon Marbury
Jessica Jung and Stephon Marbury (L) are seen at Beijing International Film Festival, in Beijing, China. Reuters/ Stringer

Stephon Marbury’s run with the Beijing Ducks has officially come to a close. Both sides agreed to terminate the contract last weekend, technically making the 40-year-old Marbury a free agent.

In the NBA, Marbury had stints with the Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey/ Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks and Boston Celtics. He left the NBA in 2009, bringing his act to the Chinese Basketball Association. He has since been treated with loyalty, honouring Marbury with a statue, museum stamp and a Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Card. The green card is something that was given to only 5,000 foreigners, the NY Post reported.

Stephon Marbury career plans changed

Stephon Marbury had one year left on his contract with the Beijing Ducks and planned to retire after the 2017-18 CBA season. But a dispute involving his salary and an assistant coaching role may have fast-tracked all that. There were talks of a possible player-coach role for Marbury but the Ducks opted to terminate the deal instead according to via Sports Illustrated.

Unless some other ballclub picks him up, Marbury is likely done playing in China. Before suiting up for the Bejing Ducks in 2011, he also had stints with the Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons (2010) and the Foshan Dralions (2010-2011). Marbury previously announced that he will play one more year with the Ducks before retiring.

However, those plans may be altered with the sudden termination of the contract. Other CBA teams could look into getting Marbury to play for them, even if he is already 40. Regardless, the former 4th overall pick of the 1996 NBA Draft has shown he can still play even when injured.

“No matter where I am, I am a Beijinger,” Marbury said. “Beijing is my home forever. Thank you all for the understanding.”

Marbury left with limited options

Aside from a possible call from other CBA ballclubs, Marbury may have limited options if he intends to continue playing. Another NBA stint is unlikely considering he didn’t exactly leave a good impression, much of which involved money and playing time.

Marbury was able to find a new home in the CBA and get those two things he yearned for. He rose to fame and had a good run but age was something he obviously could not compete with. Coaching could be an option but not in the near future. All that could sink in once Marbury officially announces his retirement from competitive basketball.