Former “Big Brother” contestant Tully Smyth discussed her fear of dying alone in a personal blog post on her website “Young Blood Travel.”

In a lengthy blog post titled “Oh The Places You Will Go,” Smyth contemplated that she is already 28-years-old and it has thrown her into “a bit of a quarter-life crisis tailspin.” The lifestyle blogger started questioning about her life and where should she be by now.

“What am I doing in my life? Is this the career I really want? Do I love what I do? Am I being challenged? Where does all my money go?” she wrote.

Smyth envied the fact that “every single one” of her friends are getting engaged and raising babies, while she cannot “lock down” a second Tinder date. In another quote, Smyth said “My dog is my only real friend” and “I’m going to die alone.”

The reality TV star was recently linked to Bachelorette hunk Richie Strahan. However, her blog post has proved that the rumours were not real and she is devastatingly single.

She revealed in her blog post that her contract with a Melbourne-based top PR agency has ended and she is currently jobless. Her roommate, who is getting married in January, has also asked her to find herself another home.

To counteract her present misery, Smyth said she would be taking a “different approach” in life by spending a year in overseas. “I’m going to take the #nextstep in my life and do something I’ve been talking about doing since I went on my first overseas trip eight years ago,” she said.

On her target places, the author listed New York, London and Los Angeles as her top three choices.

Now that she has planned to travel, Smyth explained that the positive side of her being single is having “no strings” tying her down and “no responsibilities” holding her back.

Meanwhile, one of Smyth’s close friends had the time to make a plea on social media for her. Earlier this month, “Orange Is The New Black” actress Ruby Rose took to Instagram to find Smyth a date.

“Guys... This babe... It's time she had good loving. She's right I haven't spent enough time finding her a date.@tee_smyth,” she captioned the video featuring the 28-year-old reality TV star.

The video immediately gained the attention of Rose’s 5.7 million followers. One of the followers commented, “What!? she is f------ cute how she doesn't have a boyfriend?” Another wrote, “Anybody would date her in a heartbeat ❤.”

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