A new mobile game aims to bring back the nostalgia of “Flappy Bird” but with the twist of the relevance for presidential election. Dubbed as “Floppy Candidate,” the new mobile game developed by The Washington Post brings a unique way for players to follow the U.S. presidential race while enjoying good clean gaming fun.

“Floppy Candidate” allows players to navigate disembodied, pixilated heads of US presidential candidates for 2016. Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich and the rest of the remaining candidates have been transformed to become players in the “Floppy Candidate” game.

Similar to the old hit mobile title, players can manipulate the heads of the presidential candidates as they did the airborne”Flappy Bird.” The game comes from a team of in-house engineers, designers and producers. According to The Washington Post, this is the team’s way of helping people “play along” the election season while also learning more about those running to become the next leader of the U.S.

Those who have played “Flappy Bird” already know the drill. The “Floppy Candidate” players will need to navigate between buildings similar to the pipes that “Flappy Bird” has in the game. This is done by repeatedly tapping the mobile screen to keep the candidate going.

While mimicking some major gameplay points from “Flappy Bird” like its 8-bit style take on addictive mobile games, “Floppy Candidate” does come with a catch. In time for the election, the game educates potential voters with relevant trivia questions about their presidential bets. The photo above from one of the developers Chad Moone from The Washington Post shows the style of the game.

During the gameplay, players will be given relevant questions based on their choice. There will also be links that users can explore to find relevant news stories to help them learn more about the candidates. For those who just want to enjoy the game can also do way with the questions by skipping them at any time.

When a player crashes the character into walls or other obstacles, a quote related to that specific leader will pop on the screen for added fun. CNET reported that during the gameplay when Donald Trump crashes into the US-Mexico border wall, an audio clip of Trump can be heard saying, "I will build a great, great wall." For Hillary Clinton, players will hear something like "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas" when she hits into her Department of State or the email servers.

A quick update release is already in works and it will bring more obstacles, new characters, and sounds. Floppy Candidate is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

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Presidential Election 2016: Potential Candidates In A Minute (Credit: YouTube/ABC News)