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After being well-received by gamers as a mobile app, the game, "Flappy Bird" arcade version, is set to release very soon. The game creator, Dong Nguyen, initially withdrew the game after fearing that it has an addictive effect on people. Later on, Dong decided to make it available again.

"Veteran electronics firm Bay Tek may well have the most efficient solution -- a 'Flappy Bird' arcade," wrote The Guardian.

Here are five things to expect about the upcoming "Flappy Bird" arcade version:

1. It is going to be as good as or better than the mobile app

The 2013 "Flappy Bird" mobile app became one of the most popular games in 2013, being downloaded by users over 50 million times and raking in more than $50,000 each day in downloads and in-game advertisements. The first version had simple mechanics, requiring players to tap one button to keep the bird in flight while avoiding obstacles and pipes.

2. It is going to be bigger

The "Flappy Bird" arcade machine features 42 inches of screen and similar to the first version, will require users to tap a single button to keep the bird in flight and avoid obstacles. One giant red button is also available on the machine. The arcade cabinet weighs 300 pounds and stands 91 inches tall.

3. It rewards players

The new arcade version is categorised as a "Video Redemption Game," which means that players can be rewarded tickets when they avoid pipes at the end of the game. Players earn tickets for each pipe they successfully avoid.

4. It is by Bay Tek

The arcade manufacturing company officially licensed the "Flappy Bird" arcade cabinet, based on a report by Mashable. It is not actually the first mobile game to be converted into an arcade game. Others on the list include "Doodle Jump" and "Temple Run." Bay Tek stated on its website that the game was licensed and the trademarks were used with permission.

5. It operates on coins

The game will operate on coins, most likely quarters although it is not yet confirmed how many rounds each player will be given per coin dropped.

Players should expect the new "Flappy Bird" arcade version set up in their favorite gaming sites in the following weeks.

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