Jessica Camacho - The Flash
Actress Jessica Camacho, who joins "The Flash" as Gypsy Instagram/jessica.lisa.camacho

There has been nothing but excitement for “The Flash” as it gets more consistent in bringing its viewers something new to look forward to. For its return after the winter break, it looks like the show will be adding a new familiar face from somewhere creepy – and she will be unleashing a different kind of magic.

It has been confirmed that Jessica Camacho from “Sleepy Hollow” will be joining “The Flash” as Gypsy. Gypsy is a member of the Justice League of America and the Birds of Prey in the cartoons and the comic books. Her appearance was first teased by Cisco actor Carlos Valdez.

Valdez said in an episode of the “Fan Feast” digital series that there will be a new visitor to their world named Gypsy. He added that DC comic book fans will be familiar with the new cast addition, and that Vibe will get to learn new skills as a part of getting to know her. He also reveals that he is absolutely excited to see how this would play out in the series, reports The Wrap.

Gypsy, whose real name is Cindy Reynolds, was created by artist Chuck Patton and writer Gerry Conway in 1984. Her superpowers involved precognition, casting illusions and invisibility. At some point in the comics, Gypsy had been close with Vibe. Cindy Reynolds took on the alter ego of Gypsy after she discovered her uncanny ability to create fear-based energy projections and that she could use her invisibility powers to her advantage when in battle.

While how things play out for this exciting new character remains to be seen, fans are expecting a team-up between her and Cisco. Surely, her metahuman abilities and Cisco’s wit will go comfortably hand in hand in saving the residents of Central City from danger.

As challenges rise, The Flash and his team will need all the help that they can get, so that they could effectively take down the self-proclaimed god of speed Savitar and his gang. Now that someone powerful is coming, it looks like things are about to get more interesting for Barry Allen and his friends.

The Flash” season 3 returns in January 24, 2017 on The CW. In Australia, the show airs on Fox.