Bindi Irwin, 17, was crowned the winner of the dancing reality show “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday night.

But, how well do her fans really know Bindi, who swept away both audiences and judges alike with her moving performances. Here are five things that her fans must know about her:

1 Bindi is named after a crocodile and a dog.

It turns out Bindi's father, the late Steve Irvin, star of "The Crocodile Hunter," named her after his favourite female crocodile at the Australia Zoo, and her middle name, Sue, is from family's dog Sui. According to an ABC interview, Bindi is an Australian Aboriginal word that means "young girl."

2 Bindi has been appearing on TV since she was two.

It's no surprise that Bindi was in the spotlight at such a young age, as the daughter of Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin had been traveling with her parents for their documentaries almost since the day she was born. Soon after Bindi was born, Terri had reportedly said, as quoted by Courier Mail Report, "The little varmint will be coming everywhere with us. We won't be absent parents.”

3 Bindi delivered eulogy for her father when she was 8

In 2006, Bindi delivered a touching eulogy for her father, "My father my hero," in front of a crowd of 5,000 and a worldwide television audience of more than 300 million viewers. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Bindi's speech in 2006 received 43 per cent of votes and was voted the television moment of the year. Her mother said at the time that apart from some assistance with typing, Irwin had written the speech herself.

4 She won a Daytime Emmy Award at Nine

Bindi was awarded The Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series at the age of nine for her performance in “Bindi the Jungle Girl.” She is the youngest performer ever to win a Daytime Emmy Award. She was awarded again in 2009 for the same role.

5 She is Dating.

Earlier this year, Bindi revealed that she is dating Chandler Powell, a professional wake boarder. "I was blessed to meet Chandler and his family back in November 2013," she told the Telegraph Sunday Style. "We remained in touch and stayed friends. Since then, our friendship has developed into something really special."

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