In the newest slew of new gameplay information for “Final Fantasy XV,” the developer has revealed some mechanics behind the Slash Link system and the Cross-Link. It appears that the latter has received some improvements that have changed the way it handles from when it was shown off in the demo.

This was revealed by Game Design Section Manager Kenichi Shida via the official forums, as spotted by Attack of the Fanboy. In the post, Shida revealed that apart from handling, the cross-link triggers are now different from the demo to the point of an overhaul, so that it will fit the overall scheme of the final version of “Final Fantasy XV.”

Part of the changes is the inclusion of the Slash Link system, which is triggered with the right combination and conditions set by the Cross-Link system. Those who are looking forward to the co-op battles will be dealing with these systems, and the good news is that the developer will continue with the changes until the team feels that they will be ready for the final release.

There has also been a follow-up to the festive artwork that the “Final Fantasy XV” team has been working on. Back in Dec. 1, the team had teased a penciled artwork of Noctis, with a festive drink in hand as a way to commemorate the holidays. Since then, other characters from the game have been added.

Gladiolus has been added in and coloured, with him bringing in some glasses and a drink. Following that, a reindeer-dressed yellow Chocobo was also added in the background. Currently, the team has also added in a still un-coloured Ignis bringing plates and a cake.

Funnily enough, the team had also updated the Chocobo to one coloured in black, as if to blend in with the gang’s all-back outfit motif. The team had even put up a poll to see if fans would prefer a black or a yellow Chocobo to be included in the “Final Fantasy XV” festive art. But it appears that yellow is still the colour of choice for fans, since the latest artwork—one that is not part of the festive image—sees the Yellow Chocobo winning and the Black one crying.

The artwork still has a lot to go before it is completed. The last member of the gang, Prompto still needs to make an appearance and Ignis still needs to be coloured in. There is also no telling if the “Final Fantasy VI” team will add other characters besides the four main ones, especially since a Chocobo has already been tossed into the mix.

Fans are already pitching in suggestions for character inclusions, some of whom are suggesting to see Luna or Cindy someday. The progression of the artwork can be seen via the official “Final Fantasy XV” community Instagram account.

"Final Fantasy XV"link system overhaul (Credit: YouTube/ZV Joshua)

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