“Shovel Knight” is finally coming as an amiibo figure. To celebrate this, Nintendo and Yacht Club Games have released a new gameplay trailer that shows of the different features of the new amiibo addition.

Spotted by DualShockers, the clip shows what players can do after incorporating Shovel Knight into the game. As the character’s name suggests, “Shovel Knight” will dig his way through the challenges. Customisation is offered to change the colours, with a new palette unlockable at every level.

The trailer also shows some co-op gameplay scenes, be it fighting through challenges or fighting against some big boss levels. The full trailer can be seen below.

The “Shovel Knight” amiibo figure comes with a few neat features, such as application for the single-player and multiplayer mode. Those who are playing in single-player mode can raise their ranks up to 50 via the Custom Knight. There will also be new relics and stages to explore. For those who are playing the Wii U, the “Shovel Knight” amiibo comes with a co-op mode and additional five co-op levels.

Even with the new gameplay of “Shovel Knight,” it appears that the amiibo of the game will be delayed. This is the case at least in the U.K., as two stores have already confirmed to delaying preorders.

According to Nintendo Life, it started with GAME delaying the release to Dec.12, instead of the previous peg date Dec. 11. An email has been sent to those who preordered, which included the new date of release and the confirmation that the preorder still stands with no cancellation mentioned.

Before fans start looking for other outlets to get the “Shovel Knight” amiibo, the Nintendo U.K. Store has also announced the delay in preorders. What’s more, instead of a Dec. 12 arrival, the “Shovel Knight” amiibo is coming even later, reportedly now on Dec. 14.

The source is pointing to stock problems as the issue for the delay. Other areas in Europe have already received the “Shovel Knight” amiibo, so it is possible that the staggering amount of preorders is the likely cause.

“Shovel Knight” amiibo is set to come at a later date in North America, specifically Jan. 8. While there has been no mention of any delays for this territory, it is not unlikely that the stock preorder issues that have plagued the U.K. may also be seen in North America. Best to wait for Nintendo to issue any possible announcements.

"Shovel Knight" gameplay trailer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo UK)

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