The game of “Final Fantasy XV” is not over when the story is completed -- there is at least one more reason to make one more road trip. In the corner of the game’s map is a secret dungeon that is filled with frustrating puzzles and exciting platforming.

The Pitioss Ruins is only reachable at the end of the game, when the car has been upgraded to an airship, the Regalia Type F. Once that is completed, players need to make their way to the corner of the map, to the north of the Rock of Ravatogh. A yellow line appears on the map that only the Regalia can land and park on -- though it is a little tricky.

From there, the dungeon is about 0.3 miles north, but it is only accessible at night. Inside, players will have their hands full on platforms, puzzles and the generally confusing landscape of the area. It is easy to get lost in the dungeons, but there are no monsters or enemies inside. And while that may sound easy, it can get difficult to remember paths and find one’s way back. IGN posted a video on YouTube, which should make searching a little easier.

In the dungeon, players will find the Black Hood accessory, which in itself is worth the hour or so of searching and is arguably one of the best finds in “Final Fantasy XV.” The Black Hood accessory will automatically allow Noctis to evade enemy attacks without the player’s input. The item does not make Noctis invincible, however, as damage from AoE attacks are still counted. In addition, players will still be damaged when an enemy attacks as the player attacks.

The Pitioss Ruins, as Kotaku has claimed, is one of the must-stops once “Final Fantasy XV” is completed. If players can put up with -- or enjoy -- platforming, it is definitely worth a visit. Players should also note that the secret dungeon is not finished until the roof is reached as various other items can be picked up along the way.

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