"Final Fantasy XV" was released internationally on Nov. 29, 2016. Facebook/Final Fantasy XV

While fishing in “Final Fantasy XV” is arguably one of the more enjoyable side features of the game, it does serve a more tactical purpose as well. By leveling up Noctis’ fishing level, players will be able to increase their chances of AP bonuses from the feature.

Fishing is first made available to players during the quest to Galdin Quay. The different fishes that are then caught are associated with a specific experience and AP bonus -- the bigger the fish, the bigger the reward. However, leveling up is required to be able to catch all the fish, and there are 10 fishing levels in total to master.

But in order to fully take advantage of the same, players should first purchase Angler Action, which is available at the Exploration tab of the Ascension Skill Tree. The Angler Action will provide players with 1 AP for each fish that is caught, with no regard to fishing level and type of fish caught. Players should also invest in better fishing gear. Better rods will last longer and better reels allow Noctis to pull in fish quicker.

The entire process can get a little complicated, however, as is with most things in the world of “Final Fantasy XV.” Players should remember to respool their lines, because no amount of skill will be helpful if Noctis cannot hold onto his catch. Taking care of the line will allow players to wrestle -- and will thereby provide a higher chance of catching -- the fish.

And as Inverse has reported, understanding lures and using the right ones will help players catch specific fish. Popper lures are for catching fish who swim by the surface of the water while pencil lures are for fishing early in the morning or late in the evening. Vibration lures are the most effective in wide spaces while minnow lures are best in clear water. On the other hand, crankbait lures meant to be used for waters with obstructions and swisher lures are for calmer fishing spots.

“Final Fantasy XV” has one of the most diverse worlds in the gaming industry. However, fishing has proven to be one of the more favoured pastimes in the title, as players can also gain valuable experience and AP.

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