Final Fantasy XV
The Regalia has a top-notch customisation on top of its flying form. Square Enix

“Final Fantasy XV” is obviously one of the more awaited titles this year, but it seems that even the development team have a lot of hope for the franchise. Primarily, this is because it is also seen as a make or break entry in the series.

Game director Hajime Tabata had recently revealed a couple of new information about the game, particularly the DLC and the remaining work to be done before the game’s release.

In an interview transcribed by Nova Crystallis, Tabata stated that the team is still currently working on a few chinks in “Final Fantasy XV,” starting with balancing environments. According to him, there are still refinements that need to be done, such as the mechanics of gaining a level, experience earned, power between the weapons available and even the speed of animations. However, at this point, it seems that the team has already reached the optimisation and polishing phase.

As far as the post-launch content is concerned, the team is not yet ready to give concrete details about it. Tabata did promise that there will be announcements about the DLC in the summer.

“Our basic commitment about it is that they must be used to extend the gaming experience and ensure that players continue to play. We do not want basic DLC. Instead, we want DLC that can provoke the enthusiasm of players,” said Tabata as quoted by Nova Crystallis.

One of the biggest surprises back in the Uncovered event is the flying car version of the gang’s Regalia. While this is a surprise by itself, a new video interview with Tabata had confirmed that this is not the only secret transformation that the car will have in “Final Fantasy XV.”

Seen below, the Q&A with Tabata revealed that the reason why the Regalia was given a flying form was to bring in the customary airships that have been staple with the “Final Fantasy” franchise. To bring a spin to the traditional airships, the development team had now opted to just allow the Regalia to have the same function, so that it is a more personal journey with friends.

When asked if there are other customisations that can be done with the Regalia, Tabata teased that there is one other form that players can look forward to.

“There is actually one more form that it takes after what was shown in the video but that will be the top level of customization,” said Tabata.

For now, the anticipation continues to run high, so much so that preorders were already on a high even before the Uncovered event, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. There remains high hopes that “Final Fantasy XV” will kick off the brand once again.

Interview with "FFXV" Game Director Hajime Tabata (Credit: YouTube/Xbox On)