Fifty Shades Of Grey
Actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (L) arrive for the screening of the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' at the 65th Berlinale International Film Festival in Berlin February 11, 2015. Reuters/Stefanie Loos

“Fifty Shades Darker,” starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan just received its first official poster. And while the same is teasing and somewhat haunting, author EL James also announced that fans of the series can soon read the installment from Christian Grey's perspective.

The poster showcases Johnson, who plays lead Anastasia Steele, staring at the camera straight on, her blue eyes almost mesmerising. Meanwhile, Dornan’s Christian is blurred in the background as he places a silver mask over Johnson’s face.

“Fifty Shades Darker” is the second installation of the book series of James. Though the first film-adaptation, 2015’s “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” did not receive any critical acclaims, it still made more than US$500 million (AU$662 million) at the global box office.

The film’s official Twitter account also posted a teaser of the trailer, which taunts viewers to “Slip into something a shade darker.”

“Fifty Shades Darker” is set to be released on Valentine's Day next year. Meanwhile, the series’ author is also using this hype to bring attention to her upcoming book. She made the announcement over her official Facebook page, which also included an excerpt of the same.

The new book, which is a retelling of the series’ second installation is aptly titled “Fifty Shades Darker From Christian’s Point Of View.” The two-page excerpt begins with Christian anxiously waiting outside the office building of Steele. “I know I’m early, but I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” a portion of the piece reads.

This new title will be James’ second release through the eyes of the young billionaire. Last year, the 53-year-old released "Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian," which was a retelling of the first book.

Though the book was not rated well, fans of the franchise lapped up the chance to read more about the intricacies and complication between Ana and Christian. More than 1 million copies were sold in the first week of its release.