Sarah Ferguson, Britain's Duchess of York,
Sarah Ferguson, Britain's Duchess of York, arrives at the funeral service for Peaches Geldof at the St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence church in Davington, southeast England April 21, 2014. Reuters/Neil Hall

Sarah Ferguson was first reported not to be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, but it appears she is indeed included in the invites list. However, the former wife of Prince Andrew would probably not attend the event, anyway.

It was previously claimed that Fergie, as the Duchess of York is called in the media, did not receive an invite to the highly anticipated wedding of his nephew to the American actress. After all, she was also not invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011.

Recent reports, however, claim that Harry was adamant his beloved aunt be invited to his special day. Harry, being the younger son, apparently has more freedom to choose who will be present when he ties the knot with Markle.

“Harry always planned to invite [her]. She is the mother of [Princess] Eugenie and [Princess] Beatrice, both of whom he is close to. Harry has always been fond of Ms Ferguson and he would never want to exclude a family member,” a source told E! Online.

“While there may be people within the households who would rather she didn’t attend, Harry has not had to fight to invite her,” the insider added. “Every decision Harry and Meghan make for this wedding is their own. They have the freedom to do as they please.”

But even if she was indeed invited, Fergie, 58, may not attend at all. Former TV Court correspondent for the BBC Michael Cole told that since Prince Philip would also be in attendance, she would be less likely to attend.

“It is his practice to veto any suggestion that his former daughter-in-law be permitted to participate in any formal affair involving the Royal Family,” he said.

Prince Philip reportedly remains frosty towards his son’s former wife. Apparently, the Duke of Edinburgh still hasn’t forgiven Fergie for her extramarital affairs and for selling out Andrew to reporters. In 2010, she was filmed offering access to Andrew to an undercover reporter for £500,000 (AU$876,900). The incident was said to be the reason she was not invited to William and Kate’s wedding.

And while Queen Elizabeth II treats her cordially, Philip isn’t shy in showing his disdain for Fergie, regardless if they are in public or not. Andrew, on the other hand, is friendly with his ex. They even share a chalet in Switzerland together. They divorced in 1996.