Female ‘Doctor Who’: Cartoon Time Ladies version of the Gallifreyan Time Lords

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Doctor Who as female characters
Doctor Who as female characters IBT Australia

“Doctor Who” fans are divided on having their favourite Gallifreyan Time Lord regenerate as a woman. With the 12th Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) time (maybe) up soon, it could be possible that he would regenerate into the opposite gender. Until that happens, here are cartoon images of the 13 Doctors (War Doctor included) as females.

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The illustration sees the sometimes jolly, sometimes smug and sometimes authoritative time and space-travelling Doctor in all of his incarnations. All of them are wearing their most iconic pieces, like Four’s (Tom Baker) trademark long scarf and Ten’s (David Tennant) 3D glasses (which he famously wore during season 2, episode 13 “Doomsday”). Eleven’s (Matt Smith) is, of course, wearing his fez and holding a mop just because he can, while Six’s (Colin Baker) outrageously colourful outfit and umbrella also made the cut. Five’s (Peter Davison) decorative vegetable isn’t visible with the angle, but it’s probably there as well.

Their female versions still wear the same outfit because a big part of what makes the Doctors’ personality is their clothes. The women would perhaps be more commanding and spirited, but they would naturally sport the same personality as their male counterparts.

Case in point, the War Doctor’s (John Hurt) female version looks as exhausted as he does, while Twelfth’s (Capaldi) female Doctor is as smug as he is. The First Doctor’s (William Hartnell) female form may look frail holding onto a cane, but like him, she possesses toughness from within. The female Second (Patrick Troughton) appears as childlike as the male version, while the female Third is as suave and authoritative as Jon Pertwee’s character.

Seventh (Sylvester McCoy) and Ninth (Christopher Eccleston) were a bit comical in their turns as Doctors, but Whovians all know how dangerous and calculating they really are. Hence, their female versions also have a mysterious air about them. Eighth (Paul McGann), in his short appearance in the 1996 film, is described by the BBC as “effortlessly charming.” Her female version would be as enchanting and playful as he is.

With the Doctors always running, it would be sensible that their female versions would also wear pants. Skirts and short pants would also work, but not as efficiently as long pants if they are running from the ever so slow Cybermen and Daleks. Pants would also complement their take-charge attitude.

What do you think of the female cartoon Time Ladies? Would a woman be as efficient as a man in flying the TARDIS (which, by the way, is a female)?