'Fear the Walking Dead' season 3 first look - 3
Strand engulfed by a wave of thoughts. AMC.com

There’s a big storm coming in the next half of “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4. A trailer of the TV series shows how all the heroes will get scattered after a storm, and the plot will be about finding safety and trying to find each other.

The TV series is a sort of a reboot now after all the major exits, and there is literally a storm hitting all the heroes. A trailer posted on YouTube shows the storm to be so powerful that it throws off zombies into the air.

Morgan will be relatively safe in the truck with John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt). Althea (Maggie Grace) will be with Naomi (Jenna Elfman).

Luciana Galvez (Danay Garcia) will be on a journey alone, trying to help people as a way to make up for the things that she has done. She appears to be on a path of redemption while helping a completely stranger, who is injured and needs help.

After the storm settles, the different groups will have to try and find each other, but Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) will not be sure if going in search of the others is a wise choice. The zombies are still out there, and they continue to be a danger.

There will be interesting new characters that will be introduced. Two of these characters will be meeting Morgan, and he will greet them with his trademark stick moves.

Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), the girl who made some very questionable choices in the first half of the season, is still alive. She will be travelling with Alicia. Charlie may also be seeking redemption.

Although the next half of “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4 is mostly a journey of all the characters coming together, the trailer promises lots of action. There may not be any rival factions to deal with, but the zombies will give the heroes enough trouble.