Danay Garcia
Actress Danay Garcia from AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" posing for a selfie. Instagram/danaygarcia1

For fans of Luciana (Danay Garcia) from “Fear the Walking Dead,” here’s some good news. Although the zombie-apocalypse drama is not airing at the moment, fans can still see her in action in the upcoming new movie “Loca.” Garcia has a "hard hitting" role in the movie, says reports.

Danay's character, Loca, is a woman who indulges in drugs, much like Nick in “Fear the Walking Dead.” The actress can be seen doing a fair job in demonstrating her acting skills in the new teaser trailer released a while ago. The movie has also been written and directed by Nathan Gabaeff, known for his previous project “Boost” (2015). “Loca” is produced by Gabaeff Pictures.

In the first 15 seconds of the video, Garcia appears to be taking drugs out of a vile up her nose. As such, her character is completely different from Luciana, who has been depicted in “Fear the Walking Dead” as a clean and organised young woman. Garcia is also seen donning a raven tattoo on her left wrist somewhere in the middle of the trailer. Per Undead Walking, her new character is that of an ex-member of the Hispanic gang Los Grajos, which has now been destroyed.

Further reports state that the film will be taking place in Los Angeles. It's sheer co-incidence that “Fear the Walking Dead” season 1 has been filmed in the same location. The plot revolves around Garcia’s character, who is on a revenge and survival mission as she takes on the fresh-out-of-jail antagonist, Joker. Details about the character are yet to reveal.

Regarding the cast, fans will see “Machete” star Danny Trejo in an interesting new role, Antonio. Lou Diamond Phillips from “Longmire” will play Casper. “Ouija” star Bianca A Santos will be joining the crew as Inez. More details about the characters are yet to be revealed.

According to IMDb, the movie is currently in post-production. The studio is yet to announce a release date but the movie is expected for release in late 2017. Garcia also has a leading role (Sofia Lugo) in the upcoming TV series “Prison Break” season 5. Her role as Luciana in AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” has drawn quite a fan-following.

“Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 has been scheduled to arrive in April 2017 although no official announcement has been made. Watch “Fear the Walking Dead” season 2 in Australia exclusively on Foxtel. The show airs every Monday at 1:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.