A picture of actor Lennie James as Morgan in AMC's "The Walking Dead" TV series. The Walking Dead/ Facebook

There will be a big time jump in “Fear the Walking Dead” season 4, new pictures tease. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) will be making his first appearance on the show this year, marking the first-ever crossover.

The introduction of Morgan raised questions regarding the timeline. The spin-off started a few years ago, hence a gap between this series and “The Walking Dead.” There are two ways for this to happen: one is that the spin-off explores the character when he was missing in the original series, while another may involve a huge time jump to allow a seamless transition.

According to pictures posted on Uproxx, it looks as though the producers have chosen the time jump. The images show Morgan wielding a staff, suggesting that the scenes happen after meeting Eastman (John Carrol Lynch), the man who taught Morgan how to use the staff instead of a gun.

Fans already know that Morgan went looking for Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others after Eastman died. He can’t be a part of “Fear the Walking Dead” at this point. The only way for him to appear in the spin-off is a huge time jump to the present. Morgan can leave Rick and the others when the current war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is over.

The time jump means that events in “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead” will now take place at the same time, allowing for more crossovers. The more important point is that Morgan will not die on the show in season 8.