Participants Wearing Star Wars Costumes.
Participants wearing Star Wars costumes are seen at the Royal Parc after the Balloon's Day Parade in Brussels September 6, 2014. Reuters/Eric Vidal

A video of a Star Wars-themed loft bed trended on Christmas Day although it was published on YouTube on July 23, 2009. Currently, the video titled “Star Wars Imperial Walker Loft Bed” has reached more than 200,000 views.

“A short time ago, in a suburban basement very, very near… AT-AT,” the video starts Star Wars-style. “Episode I THE AT-AT BED A day at the City Museum, provided the spark for another creative project. It was then that the idea for an AT-AT bed was born. After weeks of designing, measuring, cutting, sanding, drilling, painting, smashed fingers, a few bruises and several Advil later, the AT-AT BED was finally operational. And this is the story of how it all happened…”

Apparently, the man, who posted the video, made the loft bed for his son. In the description of the 342-minute video, he explained that he found “scale models, cakes, legos, baby strollers and costumes resembling an AT-AT, but never found a bed that resembled an AT-AT” so he made one.

Meanwhile, the filming of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was completed in November 2014 and J.J. Abrams reportedly added “The Raid 2” actor Iko Uwais in the cast, which is led by Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Andy Serkis, among others.
Watch “Star Wars Imperial Walker Loft Bed” here:

Credits: YouTube/bykmandan

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