Fallout 4
Nuka-World will be the last DLC for "Fallout 4." Bethesda

There is no official word yet on Bethesda Game Studios' plans for "Fallout 5." Fans, though, are trying to hunt for Easter eggs to figure out when the fifth action role-playing-game would come out. There have been different jabs online from people tied to the game, though most were taken down when things got too close for comfort.

The noise tied up to "Fallout 5" is understandable, considering the success of "Fallout 4." Bethesda has been silent on what the future holds, but there are two major titles reportedly in development. The games are not related to the "Elder Scrolls" series, leading some to speculate that it could be a follow-up.

There is no credible information for now if a "Fallout 5" is indeed in the works. A former voice talent, Ryan Alosio, previously teased on Instagram that he is already working on the title. The post was later taken down, and Alosio claimed it was nothing more than a prank.

The post created quite a commotion among the hopefuls, though a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread in November 2016 set the records straight. Some Obsidian employees that included CEO Feargus Urquhart confirmed there is no "Fallout" game in the works, dousing hopes of eager gamers.

That, however, did not stop the grapevine from speculating. With Bethesda out of the picture, the attention shifted to a potential different developer - Zenimax Media’s BattleCry Studios. They are best associated with "Battlecry," though the title has reportedly been canceled. Now, most are suggesting that they may take over development for the new Fallout game.

It may be a crazy insinuation at first, but it gets interesting. With Zenimax currently looking for people to join their team, a "Battlecry" cancellation could direct new hires to help out in another game, which many assume could be "Fallout 5."

The part about Zenimax entering the fray is a long shot, meaning Obsidian is still the best group to take on "Fallout 5." Bethesda is scheduled to be at E3 on June 11, with most keeping their fingers crossed for an update. It may or may not happen, meaning gamers will have to make do first with “Fallout 4” until game developers actually buckle down to work for "Fallout 5."