Fallout 4
NVIDIA has released the patch 1.3 for "Fallout 4." NVIDIA

PC players of “Fallout 4” can now look forward to the latest patch 1.3 to improve the graphics settings of the game. The latest patch is available for download, with other versions for other platforms expected later on.

Via the official NVIDIA page, the company detailed the new features that will be coming to the game with the new updates. The first setting is the HBAO+, which will bring better quality of ambient occlusion shadowing to the game. According to NVIDIA, this will give the scenes in the game an even bigger touch of realism.

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The HBAO+ extends to far distance renderings in the game. For landscape views far above ground level, seen in the image above, the shadows are accurately placed thanks to the new graphics setting.

Apart from the HBAO+, “Fallout 4” will also be receiving the Weapon Debris setting via the NVIDIA Flex. What this new setting does is to basically ensure that whatever particle comes out from shooting a weapon—whether these are chunks from a shot-off wall or tiny dirt and dust particles after shooting at something softer—will no longer just vanish in midair. Instead, these will be rendered as debris and will remain in the scene and even be manipulated by movement from player, enemy or NPC.

Both settings are basically an additional layer of realism for “Fallout 4.” Even though the new patch is currently only for the PC, GameSpot reported that there are also patches expected for other platforms. This is because the patch also deals with some of the bugs in the game, including player warping in different locations.

The latest patch is not the only thing that developer Bethesda is planning for “Fallout 4.” A new DLC expansion, the first for the game, is set to release sometime this year, though the developer has not yet given any details on what could possibly be included in the additional expansion. There is also the awaited official mod kit coming in, which will give fans the power to create better gameplay and graphics mods to the game.

Still, in the meantime, fans playing on the PC can actually already enjoy some great mods for the game. Though most are only able to provide better graphics, seasons or additional useful features, “Fallout 4” fans are proving that once the official modkit does come out, there will be better options for them to work with.