GTA Online
"GTA Online" players can play new Jobs and Challenges while waiting for the next update. Rockstar Newswire

Even before the official announcement of the Valentine’s Day update for “GTA Online,” a new video has appeared showing a couple of items that players can get for the update. The content leak was just the icing on the cake, as this time, players can see, in action, how the new outfits will make sexy be the new thing for the month.

The “GTA Online” Valentine’s Day update will bring in an entire wardrobe that’s all about the sexy and the seductive in time for the love month. Two videos, spotted by VG 247, showcase each the female and the male Valentine’s Day clothing options. The video below shows the clothes for women.

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Dainty corsets, thigh-high stockings, nightie dresses, dainty underwear and heels of varied colours and styles will get “GTA Online” ready and dressed for the occasion. Mixing and matching them is definitely a good option for that special night in.

The other video shows off the new outfits for the guys. This time, it’s a more mix of formal wear, bling wear and underwear in different colours and styles as well.

Rockstar Games has yet to officially announce all of these new content. But there is still over a week left before the big V-Day to make announcements. In the meantime, “GTA Online” players can enjoy new Sniper Jobs and Challenges that have been approved by the developer.

Over at the official Rockstar Newswire, the developer has listed five approved jobs and challenges that showcase the art form of sniping in “GTA Online.” There is one for every platform, starting off with the PC Job “Snipers vs Speed Boats.” As the name suggests, it will be a battle between those who are in a high platform to snipe the team on the speed boat. Either one will get sniped or get barreled into or bombed by those on the speed boat in this Last Team Standing Job.

For the PS4, it’s Hunting Season, a similar approach to the previous one. Only this time, one team is sniping while the other is running for their lives.PS3 players can enjoy the Headshot Addiction, which caters from beginner snipers to expert marksmen.

Over at the Xbox One, Holes of Glory puts a Last Team Standing approach in a close-quarters setup. Sniper: Tragedy I: Atk/Def by thunderboltblast on the Xbox 360 is all about strategy in using offensive and defensive tactics to get the better of the opposing team.

"GTA Online" Valentine's outfits for women (Credit: YouTube/SC Silverfox1)