Sony is now putting more power in the hands of the gamers when it comes to the free games that they can get every month. The company has already announced the new promo for its PS Plus free games lineup, this time making a comeback for the March PS Plus lineup.

Over at the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has detailed the mechanics of the Vote to Play. Voting will open on Feb. 9, and the promo pits three titles that can be the free game for the PS Plus March lineup, should it get the most number of votes. For this round of Vote to Play, players will get to choose from co-op titles that make playtime all the more fun with friends.

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The possible candidates include “Assault Android Cactus,” “Action Henk!” and “Broforce.” The first title is twin-stick shooter from Witch Beam. What sets it apart is its battery mechanic, with added virtual couch experience via Shareplay. The latter transforms the game into a one-hour co-op experience. Curve Digital and RageSquid’s title, “Action Henk!” has a reminiscent feel of “Toy Story” thanks to all the toys in the environment. From the cover alone, “Broforce” puts action and homage to 80s action with big guns and big hair a-blazing.

PS Plus members have until Feb. 22 to take their pick for the next PS Plus March free game. All they need to do is log on to the PS4 via the PSN account, go to the PlayStation Plus corner and cast a vote.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of the reveal of the PS Plus February 2016 lineup of games. The previously leaked titles for the PS Plus February 2016, seen first via a banner released before Sony’s official announcement, had contained the two games coming to the PS4.

Sony also seemed to retain its lead when it comes to the next-gen console wars. A new statement from Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen, had recently shed light on what could be the Xbox One’s position in terms of sales. According to Ars Technica, Jorgensen had revealed that, combined, the Xbox One and PS4 have achieved a total of 55 million units sold worldwide since their respective launches.

Microsoft had been a little secretive when it comes to the actual count of Xbox One sales, while Sony recently revealed that the PS4 has reached the 35.9 million milestone. Taking Jorgensen’s estimate of the combined lifetime sales, and this will put the Xbox One at approximately 19 million units sold.

This does not spell the end or even a defeat for the Xbox One. it has seen growth in the area of the Xbox Live, with nine million users added in three months alone. Additionally, the company has been accommodating more users’ feedback for new features on the Xbox One with regular updates.