Fallout 4
"Fallout 4" mods will be available on the Xbox One. Bethesda

PS4 players will need to wait a little longer to get their hands on the mods for “Fallout 4.” Developer Bethesda has issued a tweet confirming the delay of the feature.

“We regret to say that the PS4 Mods Beta for ‘Fallout 4’ has been delayed. We will update everyone when we can,” said Bethesda over Twitter.

Of course, the reactions have been mixed with the audience. Some are annoyed that the PS4 version is getting the bad and delayed treatment compared to other platforms Xbox One and PC. For instance, one fan stated that the PS4 mods are no longer the priority with the Xbox One already out.

There are also others that are showing some patience with the delay. Instead of receiving half-baked mods, it’s better to wait for a better build.

The PS4 mods are the only thing that has received an update. The official mods website has gotten a couple of new features. According to the official website, players will now be able to enjoy their mods with more control and more ease in implementing them.

The mod creators can now finally try to check the mods’ stats, as well as moderate the comments in the mods page. As a prerequisite for the issue of piracy of mods, the developer also added the option to add the Stolen or Piracy reports for mods.

Other additional features include required mod dependencies, where modders can require specifics to their mods detail page. There’s also an additional server-side security.

“Steam-liked Bethesda.net account for uploading Mods to Bethesda.net is now enforced on server side. Older versions of the Creation Kit (pre-1.4) will no longer work for uploading Mods to Bethesda.net,” said the developer.

Bethesda has already released the mod for the PC way back in April, while the Xbox One version came out a little later. Considering that the PS4 has been delayed, hopefully, the developer will bring in the adjustments and improvements made to the PS4.