Civilization VI
"Civilization VI" will bring in the reign of Queen Victoria. Civilization VI

Queen Victoria will take the reins in the latest “Civilization VI.” Firaxis and 2K’s strategy building game sees her ousting Queen Elizabeth from the previous game.

According to the official website, Queen Victoria’s reign will usher in the Victorian era, which saw the expansion of cultural, industrial, political, scientific and military change. The developer is introducing the unique district, the Royal Navy Dockyard. The British Empire possessed an intimidating naval force with facilities all over the world.

The developer also introduced two new units, the Redcoat and the Sea Dog. The former are British infantrymen tasked with fighting and battles. The Sea Dogs are dubbed as privateers, those who have armoured ships and private individuals who were given the go signal by Queen Elizabeth I to attack ships and colonies for other nations.

At the E3 2016 reveal, the developer also showcased a walkthrough video of the game. The 12-minute first look of the game features “Game of Thrones” actor Sean Bean as the narrator. The video was shown off in a closed doors session. The source stated that it also shows the unstacking the city feature.

In the meantime, the developer has given a glimpse of what “Civilization VI” will bring. The new video, seen below, shows future players what they can be done, starting with the mechanics of city construction. For “Civilization VI,” every city will have one home tile, but with districts scattered all around the city. These districts have their specific tasks, namely production, culture, growth and research.

It also touches on the importance of the location of a district. This is because some bonuses can be obtained just for the mere action of placing a district beside certain features.

Another aspect that is affected by location is wonders, which not only requires its own tile, but also has certain landmark requirements for building. A good example of this is the pyramids, which need to be built on a floodplain or a desert.

“’Civilization VI’ brings an innovative new way of managing cities by allowing you to build out from your home tile and across the world map,” as narrated in the video. “Spread your cities across the lands as you master districts, a major new addition in ‘Sid Meier’s Civilization VI,” Gamespresso reported.

“Civilization VI” is coming to the PC on Oct. 21.

"Civilization VI" first look (Credit: YouTube/Sid Meier's Civilization)