Energy Hook
"Energy Hook" is a new grappling and movement title. PlayStation Blog

There are a number of new games coming on the first week of July alone. From an old indie PC title to an interesting take on grapples and wall running, check out these four games worth playing on the Xbox One and PS4.


Another title, this time an old PC shooter game titled “Hawken” is coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One. According to VG 247, the shooter will debut first on the Xbox One on July 1, while it will come to the PS4 a week after on July 8.

The video below shows more glimpses of the gameplay, story and robots.

“The Banner Saga 2”

While Xbox One players are set to get “The Banner Saga 2” as a free title for the July Games with Gold, the game is also set to debut on the PS4 early on July 5. According to Engadget, this is earlier than scheduled, as it was originally set to launch on July 26.

The good thing about “The Banner Saga 2” is that it’s easy to get into the game even though the player hasn’t gone through the original title yet. For PS4 players, there’s a special in-game item coming “Playful Hilt of Arnr.”


Following fan feedback, developer Housemarque has finally announced that come July 5, “Alienation” will get local co-op. This is just one of the features that will come with the new update.

“Local co-op comes with four concurrent players on the same screen, and in classic friendship-breaking fashion you’ll have to fight over who gets the best loot when opening a crate,” said Housemarque in the official blog.

Apart from the local co-op, it will also bring the Leagues system, which has five ranks and a week-long cycle. Going through the tiers will unlock bullet colors. Additionally, there will be two new difficulty levels, namely the Expert and Master for those who have been playing the game for a while.

There will also be three new trophies better loot and harder enemies in the Arkship experience and adjustment to Legendary weapons loot drop rates. The best thing about this is that the update will be free, and will come alongside the Survivor’s Pack.

“Energy Hook”

The extreme sport “Energy Hook” is finally coming following the ideas from a swinging title that was borne from the “Spider-Man 2.” In the same vein, the game brings grappling, running on walls, flipping in midair and boosting using jetpacks.

According to PlayStation Blog, “Energy Hook” is concerned with gameplay more than the storyline. However, even without a story, the game offers something unique in terms of levels. A different artist is responsible for each level, and each level features a different environment altogether.

"Hawken" on the PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation EU)