Bynes During The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards
Actress Amanda Bynes arrives at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York, September 13, 2009. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

After a dramatic week in Amanda Bynes' life, she is finally admitted to a treatment center for mental illness in Los Angeles. In the past few days, she had been exhibiting some strange and erratic behaviour--both in full public view and on social media.

The star is being admitted to 5150 psychiatric hold and will be kept there for the next 72 hours, as per TMZ. The move happened after her strange public displays, as well as her lashing on her father on Twitter. Bynes reportedly raised some serious accusations against her own father saying that he was sexually and physically abusive. The star also added that living with him was a nightmare, as reported by the New York Posts.

"My dad was verbally and physically abuse to me as a child," tweeted the popular teen star. However, the post was immediately removed. Shortly after the accusations, the actress retracted and posted another sarcastic tweet denying anything done by her father.

My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he's the one that ordered them to microchip me

— amanda bynes (@amandabynes) October 10, 2014

This behavior Bynes exhibits a similar trend as when she was earlier admitted in the hospital for involuntary psychiatric 5150 hold in 2013. After a brief period, she was placed under her mother's care at her parent's home in Los Angeles. In March this year, her parents claimed that the actress is doing well and recovering fast.

However, Bynes had been showing subtle signs of breakdown in the past few days. Her Twitter account has been quite active with back to back irrelevant and erratic tweets, which baffled most of her followers. Her recent stunt at a clothing store, where she undressed to only a bra in full public view and then tried to sneak away a piece of clothing, had attracted much media attention.

Nonetheless, it was her latest act of accusing her father of sexual abuse that pushed her family members to put a halt to her activities. The parents of the star are still in shock and conveyed frustration through their lawyer saying that they are heartbroken.

Bynes joined the showbiz industry when she was only 10 years old and got her own show at age 13, as told by CNN. Despite her iconic TV career as a teen star, she could never perform very well in movies and her career never took off. Soon after, her behaviour took an erratic turn when she started posting weird, sometimes hateful messages, in social media. She was also charged with two accounts of hit and run cases in the past.