English Actor Orlando Bloom
The actor may reunite with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Orlando Bloom had to answer some difficult questions about his recently released movie "Hobbit 3." The actor plays the role of Legolas in the movie. The questions were posed to him by his fellow cast members Evangeline Lilly and Lee Pace.

All three actors belong to the elvish race in the movie. The three actors sat down for a rapid Q&A session that lasted for less than two minutes. The video of the interview is available on the official YouTube channel of Cinemax. Orlando Bloom was the only actor answering the questions.

The first question was posed by Evangeline Lilly. She asked the actor if he preferred to shave his head or put on 20 pounds for a role in a movie. Orlando Bloom chose to keep his hair and said that he would rather put on 20 pounds. The actor was later asked to choose between the Manchester United team and Manchester city. The actor chose the football team.

The next question by Lee Pace made all three actors laugh. The actor asked Orlando whether he was accident-prone or had never broken a bone. Orlando replied that the question should have been how many bones, as he was so accident-prone. The actor also said that Evangeline was more fluent than him in French.

The other questions revolved around the "Hobbit 3" movie. Viewers also got to see a trailer from the movie. The movie was released recently in Australia and is currently playing in the theatres across the globe.

Lee Pace asked Orlando Bloom who had the bigger Elf ears in the movie. The actor was quick to say that it was Evangeline who by far had the bigger elf ears. Evangeline defended her ears in the movie by saying that there was no such thing as too big.

Evangeline next asked Orlando Bloom whether he was more skilful with a sword or with a bow and arrow. His character, Legolas, was seen fighting with both a sword and a bow in "Hobbit 3." The actor said that he preferred the sword because the scenes with the bow were created by special effects and he was more in charge of his scenes with the sword.

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Source - YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures