Smart companies nurture rising talents — and consulting firm Equity & Advisory (E&A) is doing just that. Stephen Young, Don Manifold, and Mark Vartuli — are noted for giving concise and actionable corporate advice — the kind that organizations can implement to bolster their value. So it’s no surprise that the company is excited to launch a new intern program, one where talented up-and-coming students can cut their teeth on complex transactions with real stakes.

“Equity & Advisory are looking for outstanding talent to participate in our internship program,” explains the company’s LinkedIn page. “Our program offers a unique career development opportunity for a period up to six months, allowing students to rapidly develop [mergers and acquisitions] and broader corporate finance skills alongside academic studies.”

An Exceptional Experience for Rising Stars

Interns looking for an exceptional learning experience couldn’t do better than E&A. Equity & Advisory launched in 1997, and since then, the team has completed 200 transactions totaling $8 billion. Each of the directors was either a managing director or managing partner before settling at E&A. They’ve handled headline-worthy transactions in both the private and public sectors, and their understanding of corporate structure has been a vital component to how their clients have fared before, during, and after the dotted line is signed. Behind the directors is a team of experts equally dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every client.

The directors are proud to offer internships that will help students hone their financial skills outside the classroom. The basics of the initiative — which can last up to six months — include hands-on experience in mergers and acquisition deals, and a chance to learn broader corporate finance skills. To learn more, students can reach out to Equity & Advisory via LinkedIn.

Equity & Advisory: More Than Just Market Prediction

Corporate advisory is more than just market trends and predictions. The combined experience of E&A’s team members translates to unparalleled service for clients. Regardless of an intern’s specialty, E&A offers a comprehensive education in real-world transactions.

And Don Manifold, the firm’s joint managing director, is a prime example of the support interns will receive.

“In my view, the three skills [to be a successful entrepreneur] are having relentless persistence, having great people skills, [and] understanding the cash flow story,” he told online platform Billion Success. “Great execution and great people are the keys to growth. Understanding the cash flow story is the key to surviving growth.”

Don Manifold: Years of Expertise

Don Manifold has prepared independent reports and valuations for clients totaling more than $25 billion. With expertise in information technology, consumer goods, agriculture, and manufacturing, he brings insight and insider knowledge sharpened during his career.

“Our tagline is ‘When experience and outcomes matter,’” he told Billion Success. “Our point of difference is our leaders are both experienced corporate advisors and experienced businesspeople. This combination helps us give outstanding commercial advice that achieves outcomes for our clients. No other South Australian firm has this experience.”

Don Manifold has spent much of his life figuring out how to apply financial principles across the spectrum and he holds a degree in economics and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, regarded as one of the best business schools in the world. Now, he wants to give students the same chance to get ahead. He looks forward to welcoming interns from all walks of life, particularly as they're just getting started in their careers.

Learning From Mistakes

Interns at E&A can expect to learn from the best, including Don Manifold. He shared his biggest mistakes when he was starting out, and beginners would do well to heed his sage advice.

Manifold said his first mistake was “allowing the wrong people to stay in the business.” He added that Equity & Advisory is a boutique business, and cultural fit is fundamental. “Big companies (prior to Equity & Advisory, I was managing partner of EY South Australia) can withstand some bad eggs, but in fast-growing small companies, bad culture fits are caustic.”

His second mistake was “not fixing process problems as they happened. I put up with inefficiencies, but when you are 10 times larger, you have 10 times the waste.”

And his third mistake? “I was too stubborn to ask for help,” he recalled, “It took me too long to get the collective wisdom of the amazing entrepreneurs who are willing to give advice if you ask.” Sound guidance for interns fortunate enough to secure a spot at E&A.