'Empire's End: Aftermath': Synopsis of the finale book in 'Star Wars' trilogy released

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'Empire's End: Aftermath'
The cover of the "Star Wars" novel "Empire's End: Aftermath." Penguin Random House

The synopsis of “Empire’s End: Aftermath” has been released online. The book is the last one in the trilogy written by Chuck Wendig. It will reveal more details about how the First Order was formed, and the characters and the events that shaped the new situation in the galaxy.

The new book trilogy is based on the events after the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, till the events in “The Force Awakens.” The books “Aftermath” and “Aftermath: Life Debt” reveal that even after the death of the two prominent figures, it did not lead to an immediate fall of the Empire. The remnant forces of the massive military force that spanned the entire galaxy formed pockets of resistance against the New Republic.

Now, the final book in the trilogy takes readers back to the desert planet of Jakku. Readers should note that this is the where Rey (Daisy Ridley) was left behind to fend for herself. A synopsis of “Empire’s End: Aftermath” has been posted on the publisher Penguin Random House’s website.

According to the synopsis, the New Republic has intensified the search for the illusive enemy after a devastating attack by the remnant forces of the Empire. Grand Admiral Rae Sloane is wanted for war crimes after an ambush attack. Rebel pilot Norra Wexley is back in service of Leia, and she is heading the search to locate the wanted Imperial officer.

Sloane had used Norra’s husband as a pawn in her assassination plot, so the Rebel pilot is out to seek vengeance more than anything else. The Imperial officer is also searching for someone – the “treacherous Gallius Rax,” who will lead everyone to the planet Jakku in the new book.

The final battle between the remnant forces of the Empire and the New Republic in “Empire’s End: Aftermath” will take place over Jakku. Rax is preparing to execute the late Emperor’s final plan, and this will leave a sea of devastation both on the planet and in the space above it. The hardcover book is priced at $28.99 (AU $40.03), and will be released on Feb 21, 2017.

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