Actors Eli Roth ( L) and Lorena Izzo
Actors Eli Roth ( L) and Lorena Izzo pose at the gala presentation for the film "The Impossible" at the 37th Toronto International Film Festival September 9, 2012. Reuters/Mike Cassese

American filmmaker Eli Roth and Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo have split. But unlike other celebrity breakup announcements, the now-ex-couple’s message was hilariously and refreshingly frank.

Separation and divorce announcements from high-profile personalities are nothing new. Even couple who had been together for 10 years or so — a long time according to Hollywood standards — managed to devastate fans by announcing their split. There were also couples who were well-loved together and appeared to have no problem with their relationship in public who surprised everyone by breaking up.

In Hollywood, any couple can break up, even if they may or may not have apparent problems in their relationship. One thing they all have in common is their civil breakup announcement, which all promise to continue respecting and loving each other and, if they have any, their children.

Roth and Izzo are not like those couples. “The Green Inferno” director and star’s breakup announcement is hailed as the most honest one to date.

On their Instagram accounts, the former couple posted a statement, both in English and Spanish, to let their fans know that they were ending their almost four years of marriage. The announcement started off with the usual tone: civil and amicable.

“It is with deep love and respect that we are choosing to separate as a couple. We’ve had an incredible journey together, we love each other very much, and will remain the best of friends. We are grateful for the six wonderful years together but have decided to go our separate ways to have the most fulfilled, joyous lives we can,” their statement in English reads.

But their statement didn’t end there. They added a humorous and honest note that earned laughs from their fans.

“We wish to continue working together creatively and are ultimately separating so we don’t f------ kill each other,” they wrote. “With Love, Lorenza and Eli.”


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Roth and Izzo were reportedly introduced by a mutual friend during the production of the 2013 film “The Green Inferno.” They married on Nov. 8, 2014, in Izzo’s native country of Chile. This is the first marriage for both.