Drew Barrymore
U.S. actress Drew Barrymore poses for photographers at the European premiere of the film "Miss You Already" in London September 17, 2015. Reuters/Neil Hall

Drew Barrymore is coming back as flesh-eating real estate agent Shiela as Netflix has renewed “Santa Clarita Diet” for another season. The renewal came after the success of its first season, which was released on Feb. 3.

The giant streaming service made the announcement on Wednesday with a teaser. The video clip spells out the number "2" with dismembered body parts before asking the question, "Ready for seconds?"

The hit dark comedy stars Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as real-estate couple Sheila and Joel Hammond respectively. Liv Hewson also stars as Joel and Sheila’s teenage daughter Abby.

According to Deadline, the show’s writers have started working on the script for the upcoming season. The episode count for the upcoming run is still uncertain. The previous season had 10 episodes.

“Santa Clarita Diet” follows a suburb couple who lives happily in Santa Clarita, California. However, their lives have turned upside down after Sheila turned into a zombie that craves for human flesh. The couple adapts to heir new living arrangement while committing murders to quench Sheila’s newfound appetite.

The second serving of the Netflix series will pick up from the events of the previous season, with Joel most likely getting hospitalised after revealing too much to a psychiatrist. His wife, on the other hand, is heading to a dangerous level of being undead. Towards the end of season 1, Sheila has been chained up in the basement to prevent her from devouring anyone else.

In an Entertainment Weekly interview with creator Victor Fresco, he revealed that the hilarious cliffhanger in the previous season was intended to keep up with what they are planning for season 2.

“We wanted to keep ratcheting things up and we knew we wanted to end on a fun cliffhanger to get us into a second season. Through the course of the season, their lives are slowly going more and more off the rails, and then we leave them at this place where their lives have gone off the rails,” Fresco said.

He also teased that new characters and more outrageous situations will be happening in season 2. Fresco added the strength of the Hammonds as a family will be tested in the forthcoming season.

The creator earlier stressed that the show is still family-oriented and a love story even though there are lots of bloody scenes in the show. Netflix previously took down the show’s gory billboards across Germany after several complaints were filed against it.

The production for “Santa Clarita Diet” season 2 will in the next few months. It is expected to premiere in 2018. Season 1 is currently airing on Netflix Australia.