Drew Barrymore
U.S. actress Drew Barrymore poses for photographers at the European premiere of the film "Miss You Already" in London September 17, 2015. Reuters/Neil Hall

Drew Barrymore may just be one of the coolest Hollywood moms since she celebrated her daughter Olive’s third birthday with a “hilarious tiger” cake. The actress also revealed that she plans to take a break from acting to spend more time with her children.

The “Charlie’s Angels” actress took to Instagram this weekend to share the birthday cake she got for her daughter Olive on Saturday, September 26, E!News reported. Barrymore uploaded a picture of a large birthday cake which featured an edible print of a majestic tiger. "My daughter wanted a tiger cake for her birthday,” she wrote. “I just had no idea it would be the radest and most hilarious tiger cake on the planet.”

The actress also greeted her daughter “happy birthday” on social media and described her children as her “whole universe.” "There is no end to my love for them. Three years old. Best three years of my life. #birthdaygirl #tigercake #crazybirthdaycakes," Barrymore added.

Barrymore’s movie projects and public appearances have become lesser over the past few years, especially since motherhood. Her Flower beauty and accessories line has also been keeping her busy. In an interview with E!News last month, the actress shared how her Flower line has changed her life and allowed her to spend time with her children. "I love movies but the hours right now for where my kids are in their life, it's few and far between that I'll work," Barrymore said.

In fact, the mother-of-two wants nothing more than to take care of her children that she’s even planning to take a break from acting. In a recent interview with U.K. newspaper The Times (via People magazine), Barrymore said she’s not willing to spend too much time away from her daughters, given the long hours spent doing movie projects. “I'm not willing to do that,” she said. "By no means am I abandoning acting. Nor am I pretending that I don't love acting, but I cannot do it right now, with my children.”

The star’s current movie, “Miss You Already,” may be her last film project before she takes her planned acting break. However, it doesn’t mean that she’s closing her door to other projects that may come her way. "Any acting roles will be few and far between until my kids are older, and by then who knows what I'll want to do," Barrymore told The Times.

Barrymore married Will Kopelman in June 2012, after dating for more than a year. The couple have two children together, 3 year old Olive and 17 month old Frankie.

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