'Downton Abbey' Season 6 cast members
Downton Abbey cast members and crew pose for the media at a hotel in central London, Britain August 13, 2015. Downton Abbey's final season is due to premiere in September. Reuters/Dylan Martinez

It is the last episode of “Downton Abbey” season 6, before the Christmas special episode to air on Dec. 25. Episode 8 witnesses one of the worst behaviours by Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) when she spoils everything between Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton) and Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael).

Mary tells Bertie over breakfast that Edith has a daughter Marigold. She puts an end to the possibility of happiness for Edith. Bertie is hurt and thinks that he cannot marry someone who does not trust him. Finally Edith is left alone as a single mother.

Meanwhile, Tom (Allen Leech) gives Mary a dressing down about the Bertie episode. He tells her that she is a bully who makes everyone around her miserable to make herself feel better, Zap2It reports. Elsewhere Edith confronts Mary and calls her “a nasty, jealous, scheming b****.”

Spoilers ahead, read only if you want to know more:

The Crawleys are faced with changing times and their way of life, as the world moves toward the 1930s. The Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) is ousted as president of the village hospital board and a fundraiser that lets the village folk pay to tour the estate.

Interestingly, she is replaced as the president of the board by her daughter-in-law, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern). Though the fundraiser is a success, however when Cora, Mary and Edith try to lead tours around Downton, it shows they have no knowledge about the house or its history. They collect huge amount of money through the tours.

Under-butler Thomas (Rob James-Collier) in a bid to end his loneliness and his uncertain future, tries to take his own life by cutting his wrists. Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) and Andy (Michael Fox) manage to get to him in time. It is a lesson learnt for everyone in the house to try and be nice to Thomas.

In another development, Mrs. Patmore’s (Lesley Nicol) bed & breakfast is mired in controversy. It earns the reputation for being a “house of ill repute” after two people stay there in order to have an affair, Movie Pilot reports. Due to the bad press, Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), Cora and Lady Rosamund (Samantha Bond) have tea there and let the paper photograph them. However, Charles Carson (Jim Carter) is angry.

The two-hour special airs on Christmas Day at 8.45 p.m. in the UK on ITV.

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