‘Doctor Who’ season 10: Bill’s intro scene may cause continuity errors, may not be canon

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Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi as Bill and the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'
Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi as Bill and the Doctor in 'Doctor Who' bbc.co.uk

“Doctor Who” new companion Bill’s (Pearl Mackie) teaser intro is not canon yet. Outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat has admitted that the scene, in which she is seen running away with the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) from the Daleks, may not be included in a real episode for season 10.

In April, Bill was introduced to Whovians as someone who hasn’t been aware of the existence of the Daleks. She is seen asking the Twelfth Doctor important questions about the most iconic villain of the show.

“What’s a Dalek?” Bill asked the Gallifreyan Time Lord. “Why does it keep saying exterminate?”

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The two-minute video ended in a cliff-hanger, with the Doctor and Bill seemingly cornered by the murderous Daleks after the Doctor told Bill they would need to get “back to the future” in 2017. The short clip is exciting enough for fans to anticipate what would happen next. Unfortunately, it appears that the scene is not canon, or fan-speak meaning official.

Moffat told Doctor Who magazine (via Cultbox) that he might not even bother putting that scene into an actual episode.

“Knowing how pedantic I am, I’ll probably work it in somewhere, but there is also an absolute possibility that I just won’t bother,” he said. He added, though, that as the show deals with alternate universes and changing timelines, it’s not impossible to insert the clip somewhere.

That also answers fans’ concern on whether the scene would ruin the continuity of the show if there’s a Dalek episode next season.

“The thing is I we do a Dalek story with Bill, we’d have to put that scene in somewhere, because clearly she’s seeing a Dalek for the first time. But I have to stop myself getting too hung up on that sort of thing. People know what that scene was. It was us going, ‘Look, this is what Doctor Who with Bill is gonna be like.’”

Meanwhile, David Suchet will appear in an episode in season 10. BBC has announced that the 70-year-old English actor is currently shooting his scenes in Cardiff. He will play the role of The Landlord in an episode written by Mike Bartlett.

Suchet is best known for playing Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous fictional Belgian detective, in the British mystery drama “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” from 199 to 2013.

“Doctor Who” season 10 officially starts in 2017, but Bill will make her first appearance in the Christmas episode, which will be aired this year.

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