The Division
"The Division" Underground character in-game screenshot Ubisoft

The delayed “The Division” patch for the PS4 has finally been released. It comes alongside another minor update for all three platforms of the game, mostly to fix bugs.

All platforms will get two major fixes with the newest update, GameSpot reported. These are the bug linked to the incorrect capping of a max level 30 for HVT NPCs. Another bug involves patching up a semi-exploit that allowed players killed after defeating the final encounter to repeat it all over to gain loot.

The latest patch also delivers some server stability fixes to help prevent players from being disconnected. Additionally, Xbox Achievements reported that one gun will be nerfed. Specifically, the G36 assault rifle will receive a decrease in base damage. Sadly, the weapon is currently limited only to the Xbox One and PC platforms, as it is part of the Underground DLC.

With the patch already out, the promised 30th Anniversary Ubisoft outfits are now available for all players. According to VG 247, the outfits were unlocked following the scheduled maintenance for “The Division.” The outfits, seen above, are based on the previous Tom Clancy title “Splinter Cell” and the upcoming “Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Wildlands.”

There’s also a new outfit based on the Rainbow Six Siege, even for those who do not have the title. These are available in the Store via the Ubisoft Rewards Club option.

PS4 players are still waiting for the Underground DLC. It’s already out on the PC and Xbox One, but PS4 players were previously slated to get it a month later on Aug. 2, thanks to the timed-exclusivity of the game for Microsoft.