The Division
"Tom Clancy's The Division" will come with Tobii's eye-tracking technology at launch. The Division official website

Following the launch of the Incursion Update for “The Division,” many players have reported issues popping up in the game. Perhaps the biggest and most felt by several players is the character getting wiped out.

Over at Reddit, fans have been discussing the problem, where they saw that after getting the update, the next login attempt showed an error. Reddit user Ramm94 had reportedly reset the game unknowingly, which led to him losing his character in the game. His case is just among many who have devoted hours in progressing a character.

Ubisoft had been quick to respond to the issue, with a post from the team seen in the link above. According to the developer, it had already identified the source of the bug, which was a malfunctioning server. This resulted in failure to synchronise the character data, resulting in a corrupted and unreadable data.

“For those who experienced the issue: your character is not gone. We are currently working on a fix that should make it available shortly,” said Ubisoft.

The developer also confirmed that any progress made with the character between April 12 and the next maintenance will be lost. This is because the entire account of the player will need to be restored to get the uncorrupted save. The character that the players will get back will be the same one they left on April 12, 9:00 a.m. CEST.

This was just the first of the series of missteps for the launch of “The Division” Incursion Update. Between queueing bugs and server crashes, it seemed that players were faced with a lot of waiting and frustration at launch, Eurogamer reported.

Still, “The Division” fans who were looking for a reason to go back to the game will get it with the Incursion missions. The update will bring in a few missions and the change in Gear Score make the grind worth it again.

Even though the Incursion mission is now putting players through enough hell in beating it, one YouTube user had found a glitch to ease the load, GameRant reported. The video below shows how players can defeat the Falcon Lost boss using the mobile cover skill.

Players will need to equip the sill and go to the green rope on to the second floor. Here they will get access to the main mission area, where they will have to stay and glitch through the wall. This will prevent 15 waves of enemies from triggering. The player will also avoid being shot at by the enemies.

According to the source, the glitch will allow players to use most of their fire power on the JTF soldiers. They will also have to use the sticky bomb skill to decrease the APC’s health.

It seems that the mobile cover skill can be used to trigger several glitches. Most of these are used by players to tap into inaccessible areas of the map. Since Ubisoft is quick to respond to glitches in the game, this may be patched soon enough.

"The Division" glitch (Credit: YouTube/Daryus P)