The Division
Ubisoft's "The Division" is already available for preloading for some platforms. Ubisoft

The first free content update for “The Division” has more than just some new features, but also a few fixes as well. The developer has detailed the contents of the free expansion, starting with Incursions.

Over at the official “The Division” website, the update 1.1 will introduce a new endgame activity Incursions. These will be beneficial for those who want to play with other gamers, as this is focused more on teamplay. There will be some objectives that need to be accomplished and at the same time, these new missions are available for both Hard and Challenging difficulties.

The goal is to set up the best team manageable. This is because even with the relatively hard missions, the rewards that can be earned become better.

“The Division” update 1.1 also adds an overall Gear Score on top of the capped level 30. This is important to note, as one requirement to play the Incursions is the overall Gear Score. It basically considers the items that are in the inventory and on the person of the player.

For those who are looking for more items can look forward to a new Gear Sets. These are inclusive of several items like backpacks, gloves, masks, holsters, body armours and kneepads, among others. There is a chance for weapons to be included, but Ubisoft has not yet confirmed this.

Other additions in the update include Assignments, which can either come in daily or weekly iterations. There are also some improvements to the spectator cam for a 360-degree spectating experience. Loot trading will also be introduced, but with restrictions. Players can only trade loot with other player whom they have played with in a group and in the first two hours from the time the item is picked up.

“The Division” update 1.1 will also fixed the high-end backpack bug. This bug, which previously locks players out from the game upon crafting a high-end backpack will no longer occur following the update, GameSpot reported.

Citing a statement from Ubisoft, the source confirmed that the fix will come with the update on April 12. It appears that the fix is coming in just now, since this required a client patch.

"The Division" Backpack issue (Credit: YouTube/Ducspeed)