Featured photo of "Club Penguin Island" game.

“Club Penguin Island” was recently released on March 29. The game has been received well but has been downloaded by a lot of people since its release.

The game was released worldwide on March 29. Although the game has been previously released for beta testing in Australia, it seems that the game does not offer a lot. According to reviews of both iOS and Android versions, the game is simply terrible. However, a user that goes by the name Makenzie Tucker commented that the graphics look “cool” and that the “storyline seemed nice.” On the other hand, the same user said that the game has crashed and restarted multiple times. Another user on the Android platform commented that the game is great and provides good feedback along with the note that the game is still new. This is why it was understandable for the game to still lack some things.

“Club Penguin Island” was originally released on the Adobe Flash platform on Disney’s website. However, it has been since there was nothing new to add to the game, Disney shut it down. The company has since released the game as a mobile application to introduce it to the children that are in the digital age. “The main thing has been to provide an unlimited potential for play that is inclusive — to let kids connect with each other and engage in self-expression,” said Rebecca Warden, producer for Club Penguin Island in the Kelowna studio.

According to Variety, the game can be played with a seven-day free trial. It is also available in four different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Since the game is designed to be played by children, Disney has also included security and safety features to allow for safe usage with a moderated chat filter. Players will have the ability to access tools to report users who will get kicked of the club for bad behaviour.

“Club Penguin Island” has provided Disney the opportunity to create a massively multiplayer online game for mobile devices. This means that the game can be switched to either a landscape-based mode or portrait mode. Disney Interactive VP of kids and casual games Jim Molinets said, “It’s hard if you’re a kid to hold a tablet in landscape mode. With the new app, kids don’t have to stretch their fingers across the tablet.”

For parents who are looking to purchase this application for their children, they should note that the game comes with a cost. There are in-app game purchases as well as a membership purchase required. The game is free to download on the Apple Store and Google Play with a required purchase of $6.49 for the membership.