Diego Sanchez is probably cursing at his fate right now as he might be facing the New Year without his cars being found. Yes, you heard it right, the player has had his cars stolen. A dilemma was faced by UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez for the past days when he reported to the authorities and asked for help to find his stolen cars. He and his wife's car were reported by Sanchez to have been stolen just right outside their front house.

What a after noon walked outside and 2 of my cars were stolen. #devastated

— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC) December 28, 2014

If in Albuquerque Please help me find my cars that were stole last night from my drive way https://t.co/KJ0LH8nDy6

— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC) December 28, 2014

After reporting the details of the incident of his stolen cars, the UFC lightweight posted a picture of his cars in his Twitter account saying that he's offering a reward to anybody who can help locate his cars.

The incident was then picked up by the local news media and just after his radio interview, the car was seen sitting up on blocks. Sanchez then tweeted saying that the thieves may have been UFC fans because exactly 20 minutes after his interview was aired, the car was found with no rims on blocks. But Diego Sanchez was silent as to whether his wife's jeep was found or not.

I'm guessing the thieves were @UFC fans because exactly 20 minutes after my interview aired the car was found with no rims on blocks

— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC) December 30, 2014

As per the tweets of Diego Sanchez regarding allegations that it might be one of the UFC fans who might have stolen the car, some fans might be offended by it. While the player is really at peace now that his car was already found, the truth is, the same incident might just happen again.

Another important question is, has Diego Sanchez been diligent in keeping his cars at bay? On another note, Diego Sanchez's taking the news to social media has only proved how effective social media is as a tool for authorities to take notice of an incident that's currently happening. On the bad side, this might appear unfair for people who don't have so many followers that can make their posts viral. For Diego Sanchez, while his stars appear to be not on side earlier, they apparently try to align themselves; except that they were not so straight - a vehicle without rims is bad news, but better than not finding the car at all.

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