A social networking war is currently going on between the citizens of the Philippines and a woman named Devina Dediva who enraged the Filipinos after making racist comments on Facebook about Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young. On Facebook, British native Malcolm Conlan's open letter to Devina Dediva is currently being shared where he defended the Filipinos from her rude and unnecessary comments and urged her to apologise.

The Facebook post reads: "Dear Ma'am Please look around you and wake up. Who do you see working in hospitals in your country as nurses, health care assistants, pilots, drivers, working in banks, customer service, restaurants, shops etc? Filipinos. Exactly the same kind of jobs that everyone is employed in, oh and yes even in houses as house helpers and nannies. Yes Filipino's. The Philippines has always been a big exporter of labour overseas and what's wrong with that?"

Mr Conlan further pointed out in his letter that Filipinos are hard-working individuals that take on all kinds of work in order to provide for the needs of their families. "They do the noble thing and work for a living, contributing to taxes and the Economy. I hate the word 'maid' it's old fashioned and not necessary, but actually 'maid' as you call it, yes many Filipinos do work as domestic helpers in the Middle East as well as across the world, they do so to help their families and their country," Mr Conlan further wrote.

Malcolm Conlan even shared in his letter about being married to a Filipina. He shared: "We have two wonderful children who are also Filipino. I am honoured and consider myself very privileged indeed to be part of a British/Filipino family."

Mr Conlan finally closed his letter to Devina with the message that reads: "Finally, don't know what your issue with the winner of Miss World is? Megan Young is Filipino, she is also very proud, as I am sure many millions of Filipino's are across the entire world, so before you really do upset many millions, please think very carefully and apologise. Thanks so much. MALCOLM CONLAN."

Devina Dediva became the top trending topic in the Philippines after her "poor, filthy maids" comment circulated online and people expressed their anger and annoyance with her in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. A Facebook page called "Haters of Devina DeDiva" has been created where the page's description reads: "Never, even a single Filipino, deserved to be looked down... This page is for all the people who are victims of discrimination and racism."

For instance, a Filipino Netizen reacted with a warning statement aimed at Devina Dediva that says "Kapag ang Pinoy gumanti, lagot ka!" ("When Filipinos get their revenge, you're dead!")