A screenshot from the official trailer of the 'Age of Triumph' update of 'Destiny.'
A screenshot from the official trailer of the "Age of Triumph" update of "Destiny." Image screenshot obtained from the official Destiny YouTube channel. YouTube/destinygame

"Destiny" developers are moving forward with the sequel, "Destiny 2." The news came from community manager David "DeeJ" Dague after he was asked for updates regarding the online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game.

"In our constant watch over the community, we’ve heard many of you asking if the current sandbox will get another design pass. Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2," according to Dague via the Bungie website. After the release of "Age of Triumph," it seems that "Destiny" gamers were unsure if further updates would follow. Most were eager to find out if these updates involve weapons or PvPs.

Based on the response of "DeeJ," the logical move points to a sequel where everything will start with a beta to serve as the guinea pig for bugs and issues. With the new focus, Bungie is hoping that the new approach can help improve its cycle of updates and deliver a game fans truly deserve.

With these plans divulged, "Destiny" will technically stop with updates, which mean players will have to deal with the game as it is. For eventual bugs and problems, fixes are unlikely to be addressed until "Destiny 2."

According to US Gamer, it will be the de facto “Destiny” game upon release and will not include migration of items and gears from the first installment. "Destiny 2" will serve as a complete overhaul to the series, expanding on several elements the first one had to offer. The move is expected to reel in varying points, particularly for the ones who treasure items collected in the original "Destiny" game.

For now, most will have to console themselves playing out these prized items and gears on “Age of Triumph,” at least until “Destiny 2” is ready to accommodate players. It looms as a rough transition, with most hoping to see an improved game that will technically force them to start from scratch.

"Destiny 2" is due to come out this September for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. A PC version is slated to become available as well but at a later date.