A screenshot from the official trailer of the 'Age of Triumph' update of 'Destiny.'
A screenshot from the official trailer of the "Age of Triumph" update of "Destiny." Image screenshot obtained from the official Destiny YouTube channel. YouTube/destinygame

The “Destiny 2” storyline has apparently been leaked through a Spanish website. It reveals what the Collector’s Edition and the Limited Edition of the game will include as well as the core narrative of the game.


According to the leaked details, the game will feature the last city on Earth having fallen to the invasive force under Ghaul, who is the towering commander of the Red Legion. The Guardians are apparently running out of power and there are only a few survivors who fled. Players will have to venture into the mysterious and uncharted world to discover weapons and combat abilities that will aid in defeating the Red Legion ultimately facing Ghaul. However, players would need to gather the rest of the surviving Guardian to fight the Red Legion together to claim the city and call it home again.

Two game editions

The game will apparently include two editions, which are the Collector’s Edition and the Limited Edition. In the former edition, the game pack will include the physical “Destiny 2” game CD and expansions one and two that include quests, co-op activities, multiplayer content as well as tons of armour and gear. In addition to this, buyers of the Collector’s Edition will include three DLCs, the Legendary sword, Legendary emote and Cabal empire emblem. A Frontier physical bag will also be included to carry around a 15-inch tablet with a kit that includes a USB charger with a solar panel, paracord and solar rug. A steelbook and a premium box will also be included.

In the game’s Limited Edition, the physical CD will also be present along with the earlier mentioned expansions and DLC. The steelbook and the premium box will also be included, but the “Frontier” bag and other small items will not be included, according to Trusted Reviews.

The information presented for the Collector’s edition may seem unlikely. Therefore, it is best to take the information with a grain of salt as this has yet to be verified by the developers of the game.

Release date and pricing

According to Polygon, “Destiny 2” will be released on Sept. 8 on three platforms, the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Collector’s Edition of the game will cost $349.95 for the PS4 on EB Games. The Standard edition and Limited edition for the PS4 are priced at $149.95 and $99.95 respectively. It should be noted that EB Games previously offered the Collector’s Edition but has been removed from the site listing. However, a cached version of the webpage is still up on Google.