"Destiny" April Update introduces a better loot system, more rewards and more customisation options for Guardians. Bungie

“Destiny” players already have a handful to deal with between the new content and recent fixes that developer Bungie has recently rolled out. That does not stop fans from incorporating some aspects of the game into other well-loved franchises.

For instance, a new project by infered5 has rebuilt the entire “Destiny” universe in “Minecraft.” Kotaku spotted the project, which had already covered the Cosmodrome spanning the Steppers to the Divide, the Devil’s Lair the Moon, the Tower and the Reef have all been recreated in blocky goodness.

The project seems to still be in progress. The latest update from the creator is the Armor Update and the Cosmodrome Expansion. The Spawn is already included in the project, and players can now warp with the Ghost instead of having to use portals.

One other project was created in the level editor for “Doom.” Here the King’ss Fall raid was recreated, with the final battle against Oryx currently in production, Gamesradar reported. According to the source, this is not only a recreation, but rather a good incorporation of the “Doom” difficulty experience.

For those who want to check it out can open it via the editor. From there, changes can b made for the difficulty and other checkpoints.

In the meantime, players of the actual “Destiny” may want to check out the new hot fix that was rolled out for the title. Developer Bungie had been hard at work following the discovery of a bug that had allowed for unlimited rockets to be used and exploited in the game.

Announced via the Weekly Update, Bungie confirmed that it had already rolled out the Hot Fix that will get rid of the exploit. This means that “Destiny” players can no longer get additional Heavy Ammunition via the previously reported exploit. It also fixes the issues where players could get unlimited Super abilities.

The latter fix had been a sort of sleuth fix, as the exploit was not extensively used by Guardians in the game. According to Bungie, it was tipped off in private by some Guardians, who found the exploit before it could even become a problem of itself.

With the fix already live, Bungie has also allowed the return of the Iron Banner. It has already begun with plans to end once the Weekly Rest begins. In a separate blog post, Bungie has shown off a few of the weapons and armour that can be earned in the Iron Banner.

Lord Saladin is back, and he brings a few new items, including Chest Pieces, Gauntlets and PlayStation Gauntlets for Rank 3, Fusion Rifles for Rank 4 and Sidearms for Rank 5. These are all available as post-game drops no matter the Rank.

"Destiny" in "Minecraft" (Credit: YouTube/Cr4sh 0veryde)